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GHB came onto the club scene a few years ago, and since then GHB has made a large impact in the younger generation of today. GHB is short for its scientific name Gamma Hydroxybutyrate. GHB is also known as "liquid x", "goop", and sometimes as "grievous bodily harm". The last slang term for GHB is most fitting due to the harmful effects that it has on the body. The groups of people where GHB is highly used is in younger people involved in the "rave" scene.

GHB has an extremely interesting history. Not to long ago you could walk into a store and purchase it legally. You could also log onto the Internet and find it there, ready to be ordered. GHB was originally sold in health food stores. In these stores it was labeled as a "natural" and safe dietary supplement. Eventually the word got around that GHB had profoundly large effects when taken in more concentrated and larger doses. Finally, the Food and Drug Administration stepped in and claimed this drug as unsafe and illicit, unless used by physicians in an environment suited for ingestion. And in March of 2000 it was ordered that GHB become placed in Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substance Abuse Act.

GHB is reported by users to produce a few different types of effects. The first being the feeling of inebriation. This effect is most desired by those involved in the "rave" scene. Others claim that it is a tool used by date rapist. It is said to completely incapacitate women in order to give the rapist the opportunity for sexual assault. The body builders claim they use it for the anabolic effects of it.

No matter who uses it for what reason, GHB is dangerous and deadly. The side effects list is quite long and extremely damaging. Coma, seizures, difficulty breathing, brain damage, and eventually death all are results of the ingestion of GHB in large amounts. Many users like to mix their drugs with other intoxicants. The most common are GHB and methamphetamine, which raises the risk of seizure. Some combine it with alcohol, which can cause nausea and extreme difficulty breathing.

Addiction to GHB is deadly. This drug is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Young people are dying from this fatal chemical more and more. But this cycle of use and more use of this drug, GHB, can be stopped. It starts with you. If you are having a problem with GHB call us. We can help you get the proper treatment for GHB addiction. Call before it claims your or someone you love's life. Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you in walking through the process of being freed from GHB addiction. But in order to start this process we need you here. Call us now! As the popularity of this drug rises so does the death count. Let there be no more body bags littering the club scene. Let us help you not become a statistic.



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